Visual Impact Program Overview

Recently I get quite a lot of questions about my current workout.  I have been unwilling to discuss it very much because I wanted to wait to see if I was achieving results before I wrote a review.

My opinion is now definitive.

I couldn’t be happier.  For the last several months I’ve been implementing Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact Muscle Building program so I can now pronounce with total integrity that it really is a highly powerful plan and I give it my most sincere recommendation.

What’s Visual Impact?

Visual Impact was created by one of my personal favorite fitness bloggers, Rusty Moore of Fitness Black Book.  If you spend any quantity of your time on his blog you’ll discover yourself why he gets so much admiration.  His specialization is helping folks achieve what he reffers to as the “lean Hollywood look.”  His course is designed to help folks look more like Brad Pitt, not bulky bodybuilders.

His training course includes three two-month phases: growth, density, and definition (and then he throws in a extra phase that can definitely assist in making your muscle ‘pop’).  He offers a rich explanation for every section and even supplies a few adjustments to the steps based on what you are looking for.

Besides giving you a detailed workout program, he also delivers solid information on supplements, eating food for building muscle mass, and dieting for weight loss.  You’ll get free access to ‘special reports’ Rusty puts together as he finds out more and superior ways for body building, printable workout charts, and a 227 page exercise demonstrations book that can help give you ideas on what exercises you want to use while implementing his training program.

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What is so wonderful about Visual Impact?

What I like most about Visual Impact Muscle Building (apart from the results) is the fact that Rusty makes a concerted effort to teach you about building muscles and he shows you how you can adjust his program to attain the exact results you want.   Do you want to create size in your chest, but increase definition and tone of your biceps and triceps?  He’ll teach you precisely the way to accomplish that.  Do you would like to add more thickness to your back and not on your legs?  He’ll teach you the best way to do that, too.  I learned a good deal about body development through this program; and, after six months, I’m able to say that the program Rusty formulated offers you excellent end results.

Is there one thing I did not enjoy in regards to the program?

I know that this is a very positive analysis of Visual Impact, however it does have one massive drawback.  To really follow Rusty’s program, you’re probably going to need to spend more than 1 hour in the gym every time you workout.  I recognize that for some people this could be a dilemma.  I would rather limit my routines to 45 minutes, but this is simply not feasible if you follow Rusty’s program exactly as it’s printed.  Of course, he does show you the way to modify his program so you can find ways to make it work for you.

How much cash am I going to have to spend to benefit from this program?

Currently Rusty is offering Visual Impact for $47.  This is much less than the average cost of one hour with a personal trainer, and a lot less than one month’s fee at many gyms.  With this one-time expense you will find out how to build muscle, lose fat, and create a lean, muscular physique.  You will possess a 6-month course that you follow and then you’ll be able to go back and repeat the cycles as frequently as you wish in order to continue to improve your body.  I undoubtedly feel that it was money spent well.